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The world's largest fossil fuel companies are quietly planning dozens of 'carbon bomb' oil and gas projects that would push the climate beyond internationally agreed temperature limits, with catastrophic global consequences.

The lure of huge gains in the coming years seems irresistible to oil companies, while the world's climate scientists said in February that any further delay in reducing fossil fuel use would mean missing our last chance "to ensure a liveable and sustainable future for all". As UN Secretary General António Guterres warned world leaders in April: "Our dependence on fossil fuels is killing us."

The Guardian's investigation has answered the question of how dangerous the oil and gas companies' plans are for the climate.

But there is another set of questions for politicians and governments that will ultimately affect the course of the climate emergency. Will governments around the world act to stop the oil companies' massive climate gamble? Will rich countries, historically the most responsible for emissions, support a just transition for developing countries, on the front line of the escalating crisis?

Time is running out.



The Guardian (EN)

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