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India decided last Saturday to suspend its wheat exports to secure its stocks in view of the upcoming poor harvest. This is a major decision for the world's second largest wheat producer and could have consequences for global food security. But the figures are particularly worrying: according to the government, the current heat wave could lead to a 5% drop in wheat crop yields, the first in six years. These heatwaves are not limited to South Asia, Mexico has recorded temperatures of 48°C in the state of Chihuahua, a heatwave will persist throughout the southwestern United States this week, from California to Arizona, from Texas to northern Mexico with extremely high temperatures, 46.2°C is forecast in Egypt, 46.7°C in Saudi Arabia. It is precisely these countries that were identified by NASA, in a study published at the beginning of April, as potentially uninhabitable by 2050due to extreme temperatures on the "wet bulb" index. France will also be affected and is expected to experience extreme temperatures this week in the southwest.

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