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The popular initiative originally called for a reduction of net CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 and a ban on the consumption of fossil fuels from that date. The government and the majority of the Parliament were opposed to a ban on fossil fuels, which is why a counter-proposal was drawn up: it includes the essential elements of the initiative but does not explicitly mention a ban on fossil fuels. The draft also provides for financial support (CHF 2 billion over ten years) for the replacement of gas and oil heating systems with more climate-friendly systems, as well as support for technological innovation in companies.

The SVP is the main opponent of the initiative and intends to use the financial argument that worked so well during their anti CO2 law campaign in 2021. Even if the text only provides for incentives, the SVP is convinced that the new law will be expensive for the population and will convince them of this. However, it has been widely proven that the cost of inaction will be much higher than an immediate investment in low-carbon solutions and infrastructure.

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Objects of the popular vote of June 18, 2023.

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