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Guillaume Taylor-Interview-Sustainable Finance
They let the mèche out of the bag

Guillaume Taylor

Guillaume has been involved in social and environmental finance for many years, and has learned about its principles through his numerous commitments to foundations and NGOs. He sells us la mèche in an interview full of wisdom and authenticity. He shares with us his vision of what a more sustainable and responsible society could be, thanks to a different way of looking at things and at the way we operate.

Gemüse Kebab-Sustainable-Ecoresponsible-Restaurant-Geneva
In cahoots with

Yohann Pellaux & Romain Oeggerli

Yohann and Romain are the founders of Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab, the first eco-responsible and socially committed kebab in Geneva. For this first episode of our podcast, they share with us their entrepreneurial experience, their successes and challenges, but also their very holistic approach to business sustainability, which includes both environmental and social commitments to which they are very attached.

BEEoMETRY-Hydromel-Bees-Kamran Marwah
In cahoots with

Kamran Marwah

Kamran Marwah has been passionate about mead since he first encountered this ancient beverage in India. He is the founder of a craft mead brewery in Geneva, which he named BEEoMETRY to reflect the mission he gave it. Kamran is in cahoots with us to share his world with you.

Frédéric Choffat-Film-Climate-Activism
In cahoots with

Frédéric Choffat

Frédéric Choffat is a director of fiction and documentary films. For a long time he has been questioning the problems of migration, identity and the world around him. His new feature-length documentary about young climate activists has been in theatres since 16 March, and we met him to talk about what goes on behind the scenes.

In cahoots with

Hella Jongerius: "Woven Cosmos"

In her exhibition at the Gropius Bau in Berlin, the Dutch artist Hella Jongerius explores the cultural significance of weaving beyond materials and technique and links it to the challenges of our time. The artist's work is based on the principles of the 'sustainable production' concept, such as sustainable production, social responsibility and spirituality. We are in cahoots with committed and enlightened visitors.

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