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To the root-Cedar-Tree-Sustainability-Nature
To the root

The Cedar of Supreme Justice. And from Lebanon, the Himalayas or the Atlas.

What would our childhoods be without it, which sheltered our games of hide-and-seek, offered its branches to our swings, or to our feet when we decided to climb higher and higher; without it, which populated the tales that our parents told us at night before going to sleep? It adorns parks, botanical gardens, the promenades of large estates and allotments. It seems that we only know it high and wide, so fast does it grow, majestic, protective, major despite its eternal greenness.


Poetics of the Earth

During the ecofeminist festival 'Seeding Freedom' held in Berlin on September 4th, and of which La Mèche was a partner, the participants of the writing workshop directed by Hélène Coron did us the honor of sharing with us their texts, written with talent and emotion, on the theme of 'Poetics of the Earth'.


Market gardeners like no other: "Sapotage" in search of lost ground

Sapotage is an association composed of 4 young market gardeners - Christopher, Selma, Yasmine and Layla - who are committed to growing healthy vegetables without chemical treatments in Versoix. In search of a larger, more permanent plot of land, the team is facing obstacles. We went to meet them to discuss the place of race and gender issues within the Swiss agricultural landscape.


Ecofeminist dreams

As an echo to our article on ecofeminism, we would like to share with you a series of 4 podcasts presented by Elisa Gratias, German author, and Emilie Langlade, French journalist. Discover a Franco-German audio journey into the vibrant and gushing heart of ecofeminist literary works. Visions, dreams, utopias and actions are intertwined from emblematic places of women's history in Berlin. Authors and activists are invited to share their experiences in order to shape a possible new world out of the systems of oppression, domination and destruction of women and nature.


Why is it so hard to say no to fast fashion?

Last October, an Extinction Rebellion activist burst into a Paris Fashion Week show with a poster reading "Overconsumption = extinction". The operation denounces the impact of the fashion industry, which produces 8 to 10% of global CO2 emissions per year, on climate change. Despite the dramatic ecological and ethical situation, many of us still buy clothes from the fast fashion industry. Why is it so difficult to give up this consumption habit?

News from the front

Positive environmental stories from 2022 that keep us optimistic

The notions of eco-anxiety, climate unhappiness or existential fear of the environment are increasingly used to describe the anguish generated by the climate and biodiversity crisis. There are indeed many reasons to worry but when despair becomes the dominant emotion, apathy is to be feared. That is why it is important to show that hope exists and that there are positive events to hold on to.

News from the front

London startup that replaces plastic with algae wins Prince William's Earthshot Award

NotPla won a $1.2 million prize in Boston at an event hosted by the Prince and Princess of Wales. The venture began in a student kitchen eight years ago, where college friends created a green alternative to plastic packaging from seaweed. While Notpla has made more than a million takeaway food boxes this year, it has also collaborated with a young watch brand based on the circular economy.

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Personalities and members of the community share their views on the challenges of a more sustainable and responsible society.
In cahoots with

Rachel Camara-Michaux

Rachel Camara-Michaux is the co-founder and president of the brand ORBE NOVO, which creates high-end bags and accessories from upcycled textiles. After more than twenty years spent in the marketing departments of international luxury and sports brands, she decided to change her horizon, to give more meaning to her professional life with a more personal project closer to her values and convictions.

Guillaume Taylor-Interview-Sustainable Finance
They let the mèche out of the bag

Guillaume Taylor

Guillaume has been involved in social and environmental finance for many years, and has learned about its principles through his numerous commitments to foundations and NGOs. He sells us la mèche in an interview full of wisdom and authenticity. He shares with us his vision of what a more sustainable and responsible society could be, thanks to a different way of looking at things and at the way we operate.

Gemüse Kebab-Sustainable-Ecoresponsible-Restaurant-Geneva
In cahoots with

Yohann Pellaux & Romain Oeggerli

Yohann and Romain are the founders of Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab, the first eco-responsible and socially committed kebab in Geneva. For this first episode of our podcast, they share with us their entrepreneurial experience, their successes and challenges, but also their very holistic approach to business sustainability, which includes both environmental and social commitments to which they are very attached.

The big agenda

Important dates, international and local events around sustainability and impact.
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Exhibition "The Valley

From December 8, 2022 to April 30, 2023, the Fondation Cartier presents La Vallée, a major monograph devoted to the paintings of Fabrice Hyber. In his canvases painted "with his fingertips", the French artist shows the deployment of a free and living thought.

The Creatives Festival

From November 15 to 27. A unique project in Europe, the Festival Les Créatives supports and highlights the artistic creation of women and gender minorities and feminist intellectual production. A rich multidisciplinary program awaits the public in 35 venues in Geneva.

MOOC Biodiversity

November 7. If you want to learn about biodiversity and its issues, more than 20 experts will help you to take a biodiversity approach, both personally and professionally.

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