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The ocean, the other lung of the earth that we must protect

The ocean, which covers 71% of the planet's surface, is a kind of control center that has allowed life on Earth since its origin. Since 1870, the beginning of the pre-industrial era, it has sequestered 155 billion tons of CO2. It absorbs more than 90% of the excess energy due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) of human origin and sequesters about a quarter of the CO2 emitted each year by humans. The ocean has so far helped slow the rate of climate change on the one hand, and the violence of the impacts generated by this change on the other. Without the magic of this natural mechanism we would already be overwhelmed by unbearable heat.


The right price

Every year, more than 100 billion items of clothing and accessories are sold around the world: a consumption that has doubled in only 15 years thanks to this toxic system of overproduction and overconsumption. The fashion industry has become one of the most polluting: it produces 20% of the world's wastewater and 10% of the world's carbon emissions, more than all the emissions from international flights and shipping.


Putting an end to the concept of a carbon neutral organization

The real challenge today is above all to radically transform our production models and our organizations in order to reduce our emissions at the source, because to date there is hardly any company that can claim that its CO2 emissions are decreasing in absolute value. Emissions should decrease by 5% per year for the next 30 years if we want to reach the objective of limiting global warming to +1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era, and yet they continue to increase every year. Between fatalism and solutionism, there is a third way, full of hope, which consists in urgently engaging in a real transition because the solutions and technologies for an admissible sobriety and without regression exist.

To the root-Cedar-Tree-Sustainability-Nature
To the root

The Cedar of Supreme Justice. And from Lebanon, the Himalayas or the Atlas.

What would our childhoods be without it, which sheltered our games of hide-and-seek, offered its branches to our swings, or to our feet when we decided to climb higher and higher; without it, which populated the tales that our parents told us at night before going to sleep? It adorns parks, botanical gardens, the promenades of large estates and allotments. It seems that we only know it high and wide, so fast does it grow, majestic, protective, major despite its eternal greenness.

News from the front

In conversation with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, about corporate responsibility.

In 2022 Yvon Chouinard made an announcement that for the moment is an exception in the business sphere: he transferred, in agreement with his family, the ownership of Patagonia to a trust and a non-profit organization, Holdfast Collective. The purpose of this arrangement is to dedicate all of Patagonia's profits to the fight against climate change and the protection of underdeveloped lands around the world.

News from the front

The Climate Act aims to adopt a transition plan to reduce Switzerland's net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050

On June 18, the Swiss people will have to vote on three issues, including the counter-proposal to the glacier initiative, which aims to adopt a law that will enshrine net "zero emission" of CO2 by 2050. Supporters of this text are keen to avoid a repeat of the failure of the CO2 law two years ago. It is high time for Switzerland to adopt an ambitious plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in order to reach the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

News from the front

Evolution of the European regulation: the reform of the carbon market and the law on deforestation.

Several key texts of the European Union's climate plan were adopted on April 18, including the reform of the carbon market and the "carbon tax" at the borders, which consists of taxing the CO2 emissions of the most polluting imported products. Parliament also passed a new law on April 19 that requires companies to prove that they have not manufactured their products on land that has been deforested since December 31, 2020.

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Personalities and members of the community share their views on the challenges of a more sustainable and responsible society.
They let the mèche out of the bag

Marie Chassot

It's Marie's turn, the founder of La Mèche, to sell us her wick. In this interview she shares with us some of the vision she wanted to instill in the creation of this ecosystem intended to inform, connect and accompany the actors of change. She also shares her vision of responsibility as an individual and as a company and her vision of a society that would give itself the means to transform itself in depth to create a biocentric, regenerative and equitable world.

Motosacoche-Paul Merz-Electric Bike-Switzerland
In cahoots with

Paul Merz

Paul Merz is at the origin of the rebirth of Motosacoche, a mythical Geneva-based motorcycle brand created at the beginning of the last century. In 2021, the brand will be part of the ecological transition by offering a new sustainable and efficient mobility machine, a reissue of the revolutionary Type-A in an electric version. Paul gives us his vision of sustainable entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general, as this is not his first adventure: a very realistic and pragmatic vision, marked by strong values and convictions. 

In cahoots with

Rachel Camara-Michaux

Rachel Camara-Michaux is the co-founder and president of the brand ORBE NOVO, which creates high-end bags and accessories from upcycled textiles. After more than twenty years spent in the marketing departments of international luxury and sports brands, she decided to change her horizon, to give more meaning to her professional life with a more personal project closer to her values and convictions.

The big agenda

Important dates, international and local events around sustainability and impact.
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Change Now Summit

From May 25 to 27, the 2023 edition of the Change Now summit will take place in Paris. For three days, the event will bring together innovative solutions and change agents tackling our planet's greatest challenges, to take action together.

The Very Short International Film Festival

From June 2 to 11, 2023, as part of the 25th edition of the Festival, the 48h Très Court Environnement challenge will take place. The teams that register will have to script, edit and deliver a film of less than 4 minutes... in only 48 hours, either in live action or in animation.

Dance Festival

From May 10 to 14, the 2023 edition of the Fête de la Danse will take place throughout Switzerland! An opportunity to experience dance live and in all its diversity. A variety of events to participate in in order to discover the emotional and unifying power of dance through one's own body. The Geneva program focuses this year on the living.

Sustainability Week

From March 20 to 24 in Geneva, the Sustainability Week is organized by the Students' Association for Sustainable Development (EDD) of the University of Geneva with the support of the Rectorate of the University of Geneva and the IHEID. This event aims to promote and illustrate the concept of sustainable development.

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