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To the root-Cedar-Tree-Sustainability-Nature
To the root

The Cedar of Supreme Justice. And from Lebanon, the Himalayas or the Atlas.

What would our childhoods be without it, which sheltered our games of hide-and-seek, offered its branches to our swings, or to our feet when we decided to climb higher and higher; without it, which populated the tales that our parents told us at night before going to sleep? It adorns parks, botanical gardens, the promenades of large estates and allotments. It seems that we only know it high and wide, so fast does it grow, majestic, protective, major despite its eternal greenness.


Market gardeners like no other: "Sapotage" in search of lost ground

Sapotage is an association composed of 4 young market gardeners - Christopher, Selma, Yasmine and Layla - who are committed to growing healthy vegetables without chemical treatments in Versoix. In search of a larger, more permanent plot of land, the team is facing obstacles. We went to meet them to discuss the place of race and gender issues within the Swiss agricultural landscape.


Ecofeminist dreams

As an echo to our article on ecofeminism, we would like to share with you a series of 4 podcasts presented by Elisa Gratias, German author, and Emilie Langlade, French journalist. Discover a Franco-German audio journey into the vibrant and gushing heart of ecofeminist literary works. Visions, dreams, utopias and actions are intertwined from emblematic places of women's history in Berlin. Authors and activists are invited to share their experiences in order to shape a possible new world out of the systems of oppression, domination and destruction of women and nature.


Why is it so hard to say no to fast fashion?

Last October, an Extinction Rebellion activist burst into a Paris Fashion Week show with a poster reading "Overconsumption = extinction". The operation denounces the impact of the fashion industry, which produces 8 to 10% of global CO2 emissions per year, on climate change. Despite the dramatic ecological and ethical situation, many of us still buy clothes from the fast fashion industry. Why is it so difficult to give up this consumption habit?

Deborah Madsen, Professor of American Literature and Civilization at the University of Geneva and expert in ecofeminism
Deciphering, Members Only Content

Ecofeminism: feminists helping the planet

Ecofeminism, a movement of converging struggles, is more than a simple juxtaposition of ecology and feminism. The term has been around for almost 50 years and addresses the structural causes of systems of domination in order to solve the ecological crisis and end gender oppression. This movement, which has seen a resurgence in recent years, aims to offer constructive solutions and is now very much in the news.

Regulation-Glaciers-Europe-Deforestation-Forced Labor
News from the front

Regulation: glacier initiative, European regulation against deforestation and forced labor.

The committee of the glacier initiative withdrew the text following the adoption by the Council of States of an indirect counter-proposal, which anchors in law the objective of zero net CO2 emissions by 2050. Europe is adopting a text that requires companies to guarantee that their products do not contribute to deforestation and plans to ban all products made from forced labor and thus affect exports from Xinjiang.

News from the front

The world of sport under fire but also a vector of example

Sport is also fuelling the environmental debate. On the one hand, trail champions are setting an example through their responsible commitment, and on the other hand, the Qatar World Cup is belatedly causing an outcry. Voices are being raised to boycott this sporting event because of the human rights violations in its organization and its overall carbon footprint.

News from the front

Farmers test a feed that reduces methane emitted by cows

Cattle farming emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that has the greatest impact on the climate after CO2. Its warming power is more than 80 times that of CO2 over 20 years. Adding certain feed additives to the feed would help reduce emissions from cows and thus contribute to more sustainable agriculture. But what about the long-term effects on the animals?

in full transparency

Personalities and members of the community share their views on the challenges of a more sustainable and responsible society.
Gemüse Kebab-Sustainable-Ecoresponsible-Restaurant-Geneva
In cahoots with

Yohann Pellaux & Romain Oeggerli

Yohann and Romain are the founders of Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab, the first eco-responsible and socially committed kebab in Geneva. For this first episode of our podcast, they share with us their entrepreneurial experience, their successes and challenges, but also their very holistic approach to business sustainability, which includes both environmental and social commitments to which they are very attached.

BEEoMETRY-Hydromel-Bees-Kamran Marwah
In cahoots with

Kamran Marwah

Kamran Marwah has been passionate about mead since he first encountered this ancient beverage in India. He is the founder of a craft mead brewery in Geneva, which he named BEEoMETRY to reflect the mission he gave it. Kamran is in cahoots with us to share his world with you.

Frédéric Choffat-Film-Climate-Activism
In cahoots with

Frédéric Choffat

Frédéric Choffat is a director of fiction and documentary films. For a long time he has been questioning the problems of migration, identity and the world around him. His new feature-length documentary about young climate activists has been in theatres since 16 March, and we met him to talk about what goes on behind the scenes.

The big agenda

Important dates, international and local events around sustainability and impact.
All events

Webinar - Reducing energy consumption

October 7 from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST
Global warming and the energy crisis raise the crucial question of our energy consumption. This webinar will address how we can organize energy sobriety in companies/households? Where to start? What do we need to know? What are the effective levers to quickly and concretely reduce energy consumption?


QWSTION invites clothing brand JUNGLE FOLK to its collaborative platform. The brand is hosting a discussion on September 21 about manufacturing and responsibility in a globalized world - with Pauline Treis and Christian Kägi, the respective (co-)founders of the two Swiss brands.

Z Event

September 9-11. The Z Event is an annual charity marathon organized since 2016 that brings together French-speaking streamers with the aim of collecting donations to an association. This year the millions of euros collected will be dedicated to ecology.

Ecofeminist festival in Berlin

Our ecofeminist festival "Seeding Freedom" is getting ready for September 4th from Berlin! This festive, artistic and participative day, entirely free of charge, invites to question our society and to weave together a living and citizen future from the community gardens of the @prinzengarten! Workshops, performances, yoga, local buffet, concert, documentary screening, podcast listening... the program proposes to plant many seeds of hope!
A citizen festival realized thanks to the support of @buergerfondscitoyen and @lameche.impact!

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