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To the root-Cedar-Tree-Sustainability-Nature
To the root

The Cedar of Supreme Justice. And from Lebanon, the Himalayas or the Atlas.

What would our childhoods be without it, which sheltered our games of hide-and-seek, offered its branches to our swings, or to our feet when we decided to climb higher and higher; without it, which populated the tales that our parents told us at night before going to sleep? It adorns parks, botanical gardens, the promenades of large estates and allotments. It seems that we only know it high and wide, so fast does it grow, majestic, protective, major despite its eternal greenness.


Ecofeminist dreams

As an echo to our article on ecofeminism, we would like to share with you a series of 4 podcasts presented by Elisa Gratias, German author, and Emilie Langlade, French journalist. Discover a Franco-German audio journey into the vibrant and gushing heart of ecofeminist literary works. Visions, dreams, utopias and actions are intertwined from emblematic places of women's history in Berlin. Authors and activists are invited to share their experiences in order to shape a possible new world out of the systems of oppression, domination and destruction of women and nature.


Why is it so hard to say no to fast fashion?

Last October, an Extinction Rebellion activist burst into a Paris Fashion Week show with a poster reading "Overconsumption = extinction". The operation denounces the impact of the fashion industry, which produces 8 to 10% of global CO2 emissions per year, on climate change. Despite the dramatic ecological and ethical situation, many of us still buy clothes from the fast fashion industry. Why is it so difficult to give up this consumption habit?

Deborah Madsen, Professor of American Literature and Civilization at the University of Geneva and expert in ecofeminism
Deciphering, Members Only Content

Ecofeminism: feminists helping the planet

Ecofeminism, a movement of converging struggles, is more than a simple juxtaposition of ecology and feminism. The term has been around for almost 50 years and addresses the structural causes of systems of domination in order to solve the ecological crisis and end gender oppression. This movement, which has seen a resurgence in recent years, aims to offer constructive solutions and is now very much in the news.

News from the front

Young engineers call to reject destructive agribusiness jobs

Eight recent AgroParisTech graduates gave a speech explaining that they refuse to do "destructive jobs" and calling on their fellow students to join the green struggles and work with their hands. They explained that they didn't want to pretend to be proud and deserving of a degree from an education that generally encourages participation in the social and ecological devastation that is taking place.

Electronics-Recycling-Circular Economy-Smartphone-Computer
News from the front

E-waste should be mined, not the Earth, scientists tell us.

Smartphones contain about 30 different elements, some of which are being depleted on Earth. Scientists say there is an urgent need to speed up the recycling of e-waste, as extracting precious metals to make new gadgets is not sustainable. According to one study, the mountain of discarded electronics in the world will amount to 57 million tonnes in 2021 alone.

in full transparency

Personalities and members of the community share their views on the challenges of a more sustainable and responsible society.
Frédéric Choffat-Film-Climate-Activism
In cahoots with

Frédéric Choffat

Frédéric Choffat is a director of fiction and documentary films. For a long time he has been questioning the problems of migration, identity and the world around him. His new feature-length documentary about young climate activists has been in theatres since 16 March, and we met him to talk about what goes on behind the scenes.

In cahoots with

Michael Chrisment

Michael is the CEO of farmer connect®, a start-up that offers a blockchain-based solution for traceability, allowing consumers to know the quality and origin of coffee beans. He tells us how he implements his company's mission to humanise consumption through technology.

The big agenda

Important dates, international and local events around sustainability and impact.
All events

The Climate Eye - Photo competition

From 13 May to 14 July, Météo-France and GEO, in partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, are inviting all photographers, amateur or professional, to take part in a competition on the theme of "Climate change in France". Participants can share their photographs illustrating global warming.

Circular Economy Week

From 23-27 May, Circular Economy Week 2022 is a themed week of editorial content and events organised by edie to help sustainability, energy and resource efficiency professionals accelerate the transition to an economy free of waste and single-use plastics.

Circular economy in the food industry

On 18 May in Fribourg, from 1pm to 7pm, an event aimed at SMEs and start-ups in the agri-food sector. Sustainable food production is a major challenge. The objective of this event is to stimulate innovation of economic actors such as SMEs and startups along the value chain from production to consumption, by helping them to initiate technology-based innovation projects.

Change Now Summit 2022

From 19 to 21 May in Paris and online. Each year, this three-day international summit brings together the most innovative solutions and influential players tackling our planet's biggest challenges to take action together. ChangeNOW builds bridges between entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy makers to accelerate change.

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