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Meche Manifesto


Driven by our optimism and willingness to act for change, we challenge the status quo with our imagination and passion, inspiring others to join us in our quest to design a better future.

We are in cahoots with …

… The non-conformists, the optimists, the tireless, who are driven by the desire to improve what surrounds them, little by little, day by day. Those who give themselves the leading role in their lives, who face the challenges that come their way with an innate instinct to find a better way.

… Those who don’t stand still, those who have the personality, conviction and self-confidence to challenge what others are resigned to accepting.

… Cooperators, open to the world, for whom silence is not golden and equality is non-negotiable. Those who believe that it’s not what we say, but what we do that defines us.

… Those who assume their role in transforming our world, take the initiative to do what’s right, and challenge us every day to do the same.

REjoining the MÈche

Our mission
We want to bring together and amplify a community of change agents, citizens and organizations, eager to understand, collaborate and act to accelerate the transition to a new model of society, respectful of BEINGS and nature.

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Any organization that joins the community, be it a company, association, NGO or other, commits by this act to respecting La Mèche’s ethical charter.

We are neither a label nor a certification, but we choose each partner on the basis of its ethical, social and environmental commitment, which must be authentic and transparent, so that community members and consumers can interact and evolve with confidence within the community, identify committed organizations and avoid the many pitfalls associated with the practice of greenwashing.

Our criteria A genuine approach that does not amount to greenwashing // The existence of a short-, medium- and long-term action plan aimed at reducing its environmental footprint and maximizing its ethical and social footprint // Ethical governance // Thoughtful design and production // An ethical supply chain.

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but not manic

Curious but not irrational

but not irrational

Optimistic but not naive

but not naive

but by alternative