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Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the corporate world and its CURRENT challenges, as well as our expertise in sustainable development, we support companies WHO WANT TO CHALLENGE OUR SOCIETY’S CHALLENGES AND EVOLVE TO MORE RESPONSIBLE PRACTICES, in line with market expectations.

With the conviction that companies are key players in change, we guide SMEs, multinationals, institutions and organizations in examining all facets of their activity and identifying design and operating processes better adapted to the environmental and social challenges of our time.

The principles of sustainable development, ecology and the circular economy represent a real opportunity for organizations to make a difference. However, these principles are also accompanied by a complex set of new practices to be put in place. You can count on us to support you in these reflections and these steps!

change together Our aim is to ensure your company’s longevity and prosperity, adapt it to today’s major societal challenges, develop its reputation and appeal, prepare it to face major health and climate disruptions, and define the right channels and formats for communication.

Positioning yourself as a sustainable company requires transparency and a genuine approach to avoid exposing yourself to criticism. Every detail of your organization needs to be thought through, while remaining true to its DNA: governance, teams, supply chain, the organization’s impact on the environment and the ecosystems in which it operates.

Your challenges today //
are your opportunities for tomorrow

Answering them is…

…Contribute to the collective effort against global warming and biodiversity loss
…Develop the image of a responsible company committed to social and environmental progress
…Ensuring the long-term future of your business
…Attracting, retaining and engaging talent in search of meaning
…Giving credibility to your approach in an environment of omnipresent greenwashing
…Anticipating changes in environmental legislation

a tailor-made approach Because each company has specific needs depending on its size, activity, context and constraints, we develop a tailor-made approach and offer a complete range of services. wide range of dedicated services to the development and amplification of a positive economy.

Whether we’re diagnosing your organization, drawing up a strategy, deploying your action plan, training your staff, developing your communications strategy, creating and distributing content or assisting you with various certifications, we’re at your side in your quest to strike a balance between the well-being of people, the planet and the long-term future of your company.

but not manic

Curious but not irrational

but not irrational

Optimistic but not naive

but not naive

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Strategic recommendations

  • Ecological and social impact assessment
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand building
  • Strategy development
  • Action plans
  • Implementation of action plans
  • Certification support

Content creation

  • Product development
  • Communication tools (print, video, podcast)
  • Sustainability reports
  • Partnerships
  • Seminars
  • Training, awareness-raising

Content distribution

La Mèche is also a channel for communicating and disseminating content created in collaboration with organizations, which it publishes both on its platform and on social networks.

Zero impact events

We organize original eco-designed events with minimal environmental impact.

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a first step with online diagnostics //

ISO 26000 provides guidelines for social and environmental responsibility. This is the international reference standard, which was published in 2010 after five years of negotiations between a very large number of stakeholders worldwide: representatives of governments, NGOs, industry, consumer groups and labor were involved in its development. It therefore represents an international consensus.
Created in 2011 by a Centrale Éthique working group that brought together numerous experts, the DIAG 26000 diagnosis provides a 10-minute check-up presenting your organization’s profile on 7 core issues structuring the standard: governance, human rights, labor relations and conditions, environment, fair practices, consumer issues, communities and local development.
La Mèche offers you a free CSR diagnosis by following this link:


your online diagnosis

our references //


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“Together let’s define the standards of tomorrow, a business world that enables value creation while making an equitable social contribution, with a neutral or positive impact on nature.”

Marie Chassot, founder of La Mèche

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