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Pesticides-Food-Plastic-NGO-Laboratory Meat
Pesticides-Food-Plastic-NGO-Laboratory Meat

Reporterre tells the story in 3 parts of the work of Rachel Carson, this pioneer of ecology who fought against pesticides for much of her life. Despite her fight and that of other opponents, the consumption of pesticides has not stopped increasing since the 1960s. 

Reporterre (FR)

Singapore is the first country in the world to have commercialized chicken nuggets made from animal cell culture in 2020. This technique has the huge advantage of not needing to exploit hectares of farmland, administer antibiotics or slaughter millions of animals. This process makes it possible to produce 1'000 tons of meat from a single gram of cells. However, there are still many questions about the safety and ecological footprint of this technology.

Swissinfo (FR/EN/DE/IT)

Based on France's "duty of care" law, which requires the largest French-based companies to take effective measures to prevent human rights and environmental abuses throughout their supply chain, a group of NGOs is pressuring the food giants to help fight plastic pollution with quantifiable commitments and strategies that are not solely based on recyclables.

Novethic (FR)

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