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Ocean degradation is caused by a number of human activities and the outbreak of jellyfish is also a consequence. -Industrial fishing favors a higher survival rate since the fish caught feed on young jellyfish and also leaves a greater amount of food for these gelatinous organisms. -The anthropization of territories also contributes to their proliferation: the more we build in the water, the more support they have to settle and reproduce. -The presence of agricultural fertilizers in the natural environment produces an additional food source. Most marine organisms suffer from excess nutrients in the water. They can indeed cause algal blooms, which require a lot of oxygen to be broken down by bacteria. But the exceptional plasticity of jellyfish allows them, once again, to get by.

" If we don't do anything, there may be jellyfish everywhere in decades "

confirms the researcher Delphine Thibault.

but " we have the means to change things "

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