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News from the front

Yvon Chouinard the founder of Patagonia and upset billionaire gives his company to the planet

The founder of the outerwear brand and pioneer of an unconventional view of capitalism decided with his wife and two children to transfer ownership of Patagonia, valued at about $3 billion, to a specially created scheme to preserve the company's independence and ensure that its roughly $100 million in annual profits are well spent on protecting the planet.

Regulation-Glaciers-Europe-Deforestation-Forced Labor
News from the front

Regulation: glacier initiative, European regulation against deforestation and forced labor.

The committee of the glacier initiative withdrew the text following the adoption by the Council of States of an indirect counter-proposal, which anchors in law the objective of zero net CO2 emissions by 2050. Europe is adopting a text that requires companies to guarantee that their products do not contribute to deforestation and plans to ban all products made from forced labor and thus affect exports from Xinjiang.

News from the front

Carrefour accused of participating in deforestation in the Amazon through its supplies

The environmental NGO Mighty Earth reproaches Carrefour, in a report published on the occasion of World Amazon Day, for sourcing from "meat and soy traders with devastating practices". It targets in particular its activities in Brazil where the retail group controls 25% of the market, and asks it to respect its commitments to fight against deforestation.

Haarlem-Netherlands-Ban-Advertising-Meat-Sustainability-Ecology-Global warming
News from the front

Haarlem in the Netherlands, the first city in the world to ban meat advertisements in public

Using animals for meat is twice as polluting as producing plant-based food. Based on the observation that meat contributes to the climate crisis, a Dutch city of 160'000 inhabitants located west of Amsterdam decided to ban advertisements on buses, shelters or screens in public places in order to reduce meat consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

News from the front

ZEvent, the charity marathon for streeters, broke its record for donations with over 10 million euros.

This concept invented by Adrien Nougaret aka "ZeratoR" and Alexandre Dachary aka "Dach" brings together about sixty of the most popular streamers in France for an online charity marathon consisting of video games, challenges and debates broadcast live on the Twitch account of each streamer. This year, ecology is the lucky beneficiary!

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