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Gemüse Kebab-Sustainable-Ecoresponsible-Restaurant-Geneva
Commitment is at the heart of their activity. These women and men are inspired by the world to act differently and sustainably, and to make their environment a path of expression, creativity, innovation or solidarity. Finance, culture, crafts, industry or media are all fields embodied by these personalities, who have agreed to be in cahoots with us for a meeting to share their universe.

Gemüse Kebab-Sustainable-Ecoresponsible-Restaurant-Geneva

Childhood friends Yohanna and Romain decide one day to leave their respective jobs to realize their common dream of entrepreneurship. Greedy and intrepidly curious, they discovered 5 years ago in Berlin, while Romain was a student, the best kebab recipe in the world at Mustafa Gemüse kebap. In love from the very first bite, they have only one idea in mind, to open a store in Geneva to make discover this concept, which reflects their image and their values.

Yohann and Romain then taste the best, test sauces more or less spicy, meet chickens, chain the spits and go in search of an artisan baker for a custom bread. After a year, the idea becomes concrete, the recipe perfect and the adventure begins.

Who doesn't have a mouthful of food at the idea of eating a good kebab? For this first episode of the podcast "In cahoots with" I had the pleasure to spend some time with two entrepreneurs who have ideas and projects in their heads and who are the founders of Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab, the first sustainable kebab in Geneva.

Their recipe for an eco-responsible and socially committed kebab: home-made marinated chicken, grilled vegetables, crudités, fresh herbs, a creamy white sauce and another lightly spiced sauce, a hint of lemon, all topped with a little feta cheese, cooked and served by thoughtful and fulfilled employees.

Gemüse Kebab-Market-Cornavin Station-Sustainable Kebab-Engagement

If you feel like tasting them and why not add a suspended kebab, a sandwich that you pay in advance and that will be destined to a person in need, you will find them at the Quai Ansermet 2 near the Uni Mail University but also at the summer refreshment bar the Garten Montblanc at the rue du Mont Blanc near the train station (except during the heat wave) 

Gemüse Kebab-Market-Cornavin Station-Sustainable Kebab-Engagement

 "With sustainable development we no longer put profit in the foreground, we almost put it in the background, and that changes the game a little because we find this sense and because we have a thousand other things to gain than just money. 


Romain Oeggerli

In this interview Yohann and Romain share with passion and great humility their entrepreneurial experience, their successes but also their difficulties and above all their very holistic approach to the sustainability of a company which includes both environmental commitments but also social commitments to which they are very attached. I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I did. 

"We have to find that balance between the impact we can have, the resources we have and the feasibility."

Yohann Pellaux

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Gemüse Kebab-Restauration-Sustainable-Geneva-Switzerland-Engagement

What is the advice or message you would like to pass on to people who want to get involved and create projects that are positive for the planet and the people?

"You have to take it one step at a time and not do everything at once, not rush it and do it over time." 


"You have to know yourself as much as possible and make your business something personal, something that really fits you."


Listen to the episode

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