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Z Event-Associations-Climate Change-Emergency-Policy
Z Event-Associations-Climate Change-Emergency-Policy

Z Event is a charity project created by Adrien Nougaret and Alexandre Dachary.

Divided into 2 parts, the event consists of a showcase that acts as a starter and is followed by a video game streaming marathon during which many specialized animators gather throughout the weekend.

For over 50 hours, participants stream live content together and encourage viewers to rally in support of a charity.

This year it is the ecology that will be the beneficiary of the funds collected, through four associations that have been chosen: Sea Shepherd, which defends marine life, The Sea Cleaners, which fights against ocean pollution, the League for the Protection of Birds and WWFthe World Wildlife Fund. For the first time, a company was also selected: Time for the Planet. This company aims to create 100 other companies, spread around the world, which will be dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This event will reach thousands of people and provide the environmental cause with an " incredible sounding board ".

Z Event

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