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COP27-United Nations-Climate-Conference-Regulation
The big agenda


The COP27 on climate change will be held from November 6 to 18 in Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea in Egypt. The stakes are immense. One of the subjects that will be at the heart of the negotiations will be the financing of losses and damages for the countries of the South.

Seeding Freedom-Ecofeminist Festival-Berlin
The big agenda

Ecofeminist festival in Berlin

Our ecofeminist festival "Seeding Freedom" is getting ready for September 4th from Berlin! This festive, artistic and participative day, entirely free of charge, invites to question our society and to weave together a living and citizen future from the community gardens of the @prinzengarten! Workshops, performances, yoga, local buffet, concert, documentary screening, podcast listening... the program proposes to plant many seeds of hope!
A citizen festival realized thanks to the support of @buergerfondscitoyen and @lameche.impact!

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